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Master of Ceremony 

David Edies known on stage as MC Edies is a respected business leader in his community as a skilled tailor, fashion designer, comedian and comedic host/emcee, and have achieved success in these professions.  Energetic, professional, creative, engaging, hilarious and straight-up fun to work with.  These are a few testimonies received from satisfied clients that I have had the pleasure of serving.  With several years of experience hosting and emceeing events, I have an appreciation for full-range events, from small to large.  I give 110% in anything that I do.  I am always prepared for unexpected adjustments in the program, allowing you to relax, stress-free while I engage with your guests.  My clients have included: politicians, religious leaders, educators, celebrities, athletes, brides and grooms, graduates, organizations and charities. 


If you are searching for a professional, highly entertaining host/emcee, please click on the button below to contact me for a price quote.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

MC Edies

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Standup Comedian

Growing up in a large family under one roof has provided me with great insight into comedy.  Making my family laugh when I was little became an addiction.  I knew early in life that making people happy gives me instant gratification.  I genuinely believe that a house filled with laughter, is a home where love will never die.


Most of my material is motivated by real life experiences and stories told by family, friends, and random people that I have met over the course of my life. The great times spent with them have inspired me to do comedy for a living. I just enjoy making people laugh. I am a cheerful person by nature so I like to cheer others up by telling stories. 

Please check out the videos on my YouTube channel. Feel free to 'Like' and 'Share'. 

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