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Hi, my name is David Edies also known as Edies, a professional master of ceremony (a.k.a MC or emcee), comedian, and a certified fashion designer based in Abuja, Nigeria        .


I am a proud Nigerian from Warri Delta State, Nigeria.  I love wearing good quality clothing that properly fit so I would provide my tailor with detailed instructions on how to make alterations to my garments.  This interaction is what inspired me to study fashion design. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I eventually ventured into the Fashion industry, starting my career in 2010 in Lagos.

Before venturing into fashion, I was working as a standup comedian and emcee. I started doing comedy professionally in 2006 in Warri Delta State.  I currently perform in Lagos and Abuja.

I would love to provide you with luxury services with both my microphone      and scissors      .  Please reach out to me directly via the contact info. provided below to learn more.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy exploring my work. 

Professionally yours,



Get In Touch

Tel: +234 818 207 4718 - Nigeria

           +1 708 697 8023 - USA

Based in

Abuja, Nigeria

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